About Us

Our childcare centre teachers and care givers hold a range of early childhood teaching degrees and qualifications in accordance with MYCS regulations and guidelines. Our team embraces the sharing its central values of respect, social and cultural responsiveness and education. We have created learning environments that promote play based learning and your child’s individual development from our Nursery Program through to our Pre-School Program.

We maintain open channels of communication and develop frequent formal and informal communication and interaction with parents.We will ensure that the rules and regulations are explicit and clearly explained to parents. Our staff are appropriately trained and professional in their conduct. Our childcare centre ensure that good standards of care and development are in place.

We are differentiated from most childcare centre through the breadth and depth of its school focused programming.Our  aim of giving children all of the social, physical and intellectual skills required to adapt their respective schools in the coming years. Our program focuses on promoting individual and small group confidence in all areas including:language and literacy, mathematics and problem solving, motor coordination skills, personal concentration and emotional , independence  skills.

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Your child will learn through independent exploration of our planned learning environment in our childcare centre. Our classroom provides for learning opportunities in construction and puzzles to stimulate mathematical thinking, role playing to foster an understanding of our community, art to support early writing skills, and a book corner to encourage a love of reading, and many other learning areas to explore. Our staff  interaction during play balances with your child’s need for playing  and have a close to a trusted adult. Your child during this development period will actively acquire language through our playful reading of books, singing and teacher guidance.All children will rest and enjoy meals as scheduled in the room routine and with caregivers assistance will gain confidence . The child will gain experience in self help skills such as toileting, self feeding , own dressing and simple decision making.