Brain Development in A Child

Human makeuse of both sides of the brain in their daily activities. The separate functions of left and right brain complement one another. The brain’s left is linear, logical, analytical, verbal, and deals with tangible facts and details. The right brain is nonlinear, intuitive, holistic, visual, and deals with imagination, feeling, and design. In terms of processing,  the left brain processes facts, research and memory, whilst the right brain addresses less tangible resources of intuition, emotion, meaning and synthesis. The left brain narrows in on things while the right brain opens up to possibilities. Left or right skills tend to dominate thinking processes in most people though each side is brilliant at what it does.

It is interesting to see how a human’s brain develops, epically from the time they are born till around three. This is when a baby is learning to adjust to their new world and learn things such motor skill, talk, walk, emotions, communication, social skills, leaning and more. While going through the different ages/months of a infant/toddlers brain, it was incredible to lean how in just short periods of months more and more skills are developed.
The first stage from newborn to two months, they can already hear sounds (especially their mothers), turn their head and eyes to the person talking to them and can see movements from 9-12 inches. Each stage increases the skill they learned earlier and adds to new ones.   For an example from 2 months to 6 months only movement was added but their previous skills have improved. From 6-12 months is when he or she is learning   to have feelings and learn through repetition.